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A Faberge Silver and Enamel Cloisonne Tea Caddy, by Feodor Rukart, Saint Petersburg, 1896-1908
Square and dome shaped with a baluster lid. The body and cover applied with raised ropework and cloisonne enameled with alternating panels of very colored friezes and stylized, scrolling flowers on one and a depiction of a perched bird with a female likeness on the other, all in between silver gilt columns and topped by string of inlaid cabochon amethysts. Marked (on the reverse, and lid).
Dimensions: Height: 14 cm; Length: 11.5 cm. More

A Silver and Glass Inkwell, Faberge Moscow, 1908-1917
Circular, the body cut with vertical bands of stars, the collar cast with leaf scrolls, the lid later engraved in Russian and dated 'To our dear friend from Katya and Josef 15/VIII - 1931', gilt interior, struck KF and K.Faberge in Cyrillic beneath the Imperial Warrant, 84 standard. Dimensions: Height: 14.5cm. More

A Silver and Glass Inkwell, Faberege Moscow, 1908-1917
Square-shaped, the body cut with faceted ovals, the domed lid above cast with laurel and berry. Marked KF in Cyrillic. Dimensions: Height 15.5 cm

A Fine Silver and Precious Stones Bowl with an Imperial Warrant, by Pavel Sazikov, Russia, Saint Petersburg, Second Half of the 19th Century
Raised on a circular support, embossed with the Russian coat of arms on each side and inlaid with two hardstones (probably rubies). Finely chased and hammered grounds throughout. Marked, maker's mark (on the reverse). Dimensions: Height: 11.5 cm; diameter: 21.5 cm; weight: 826 gr

Date: 19th Century. More

A Silver and Garnet Cabochon Bulldog, Russia, Moscow, 1908-1917
Modeled in a recumbent pose, with garnet cabochon set eyes and a gilt collar. Fully marked, 88 silver purity mark (on the reverse).
Maker's mark scratched out (on the reverse). Dimensions: Height: 11.5 cm; weight: 610 gr Date: 1908-1917 More

A Silver and Parcel Gilt Decagonal Dish by Carl Adolf Seipel, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 1869
Polygonal shaped and resting on 10 heart-shaped supports, body chased and hammered with gilt folkloristic motifs. With a gilt interior. Fully marked, maker's mark CAS (on the reverse). Dimensions: Diameter: 19.2 cm; weight: 556 gr More

A Silver Champagne Container by Buckmann, Germany, Late 19th Century
Resting on a stylized base with four paw shaped supports and embossed with scrolls. Two applied lion heads on each side with loose rings as handles. Fully marked 750 silver, maker's mark "Buckmann" (on the reverse). Dimensions: Height: 22 cm; diameter: 20.5 cm; weight: 1422 gr. 
Date: Late 19th Century. More

A Daum Nancy Cameo Glass Vase, France, c. 1900
A pinched vase with wheel-carved and acid etched flowers in various colors. Acid etched "Daum Nancy" and the cross of Lorraine (on the base) Dimensions: Height: 26 cm Date: 1900 More

A Fine Art Nouveau Galle Cased and Cameo Glass Vase, France, 1906-1914
A round shaped two toned glass vase with a raised everted neck in shades of olive and green, decorated with applied leafy branches and fruit. Signed "Galle" (near base).Dimensions: Height : 14 cm; width: 12 cm. Date: 1906-1914 More

A Small Chinese Blue and White Ming Dynasty Porcelain Vase, 14th Century
Decorated with scrolls and foliate throughout. Dimensions: Height: 9 cm More

Three Annamese Blue and White Porcelain Jars, 14th & 15th Century
1. A blue and white jar, decorated with biomorphic motifs and petals around the everted neck. Height: 9 cm. Condition: consistent with age
2. A tiny blue and white jar, decorated with two cartouches filled with flowers in-between a fish scale motif. Height: 5.5 cm. Condition: part of the glaze missing on one side. Some chips on the neck and base.
3. A ball shaped blue and white lidded container, decorated with leaves throughout. Height: 7 cm. Date: 14th & 15th Century More

A Chinese Polychrome Ming Dynasty Faceted Lidded Box, 16th Century
The lid decorated with a depiction of a crab and the sides with floral motifs in shades of green. Height: 8.5 cm C Dimensions: Height: 8.5 cm Date: 16th Century More

A Large Chinese Polychrome Porcelain Vase "The Sages", 19th Century
The front centered by a polychrome depiction of six of the seven sages beneath a tree, the reverse inscribed with Chinese lettering and the side handles shaped as curved branches. Marked (on the back). Dimensions: Height: 59 cm Date: 19th Century More

A Large Chinese Celadon Vase, 19th Century
The front decorated with a court scene in shades of blue and white on a celadon ground, with applied curved handles on both sides. Dimensions: Height: 59 cm Date: 19th Century More

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