Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Madonna with Child Jesus, John and the St. Anthony of Padua - Religious Art - Paintings from the Bible

Florence 1492 - after 1527 - attributed  to Andrea del Sarto
Madonna with Child Jesus, John and the St. Anthony of Padua. 
Oil on wood. 73 x 58,5cm. 

According to the inscription verso the present panel belonged to the collection of Karl Ludwig of Bourbon-Parma (1799-1883), and from 1824 to 1847 Duke of Lucca. The Duchy was passed to the Bourbons in the course of the Congress of Vienna in 1815. In the years Karl Ludwig spent in Tuscany, he gathered up a considerable collection of paintings, amongst others famous works such as Raphael's Madonna dei Candelabri (today in Walters Art Museum, Baltimore) or Francesco Francia's Madonna and Child with Saint Anne and other Saints (London, National Gallery).

The panel is of documentary value for the former collection of Duke Karl Ludwig and it represents an important rediscovery for the Oeuvre of Domenico Ubaldinis, called Puligo. More

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