01 Painting, The amorous game, Part 51 - With Footnotes

Marco Cornini (Italian, born 1966)
Painted terracotta
80 x 114 x 10 cm. (31.5 x 44.9 x 3.9 in.)
Private collection

The artist of desire, essentially, is Marco Cornini (Milan, 1966). Graduated in sculpture at Brera, his hands have almost exclusively modeled female figures for thirty years. In terracotta colored with acrylics, of medium size. Slim young women, long hair, all rather similar to each other, always very little dressed, sitting or half-lying, isolated in space, in a waiting position. Softly (very gently) obsessive-compulsive, their author reveals that they do not use models or photographs but rely entirely on their imagination.

Cornini has established himself as one of the artists of the new figuration since the beginning of his career, followed and reported gladly in particular by the most devoted national critics of figurative expression, via Alessandro Alessandro Riva, the late Maurizio Sciaccaluga, Vittorio Sgarbi, Beatrice Buscaroli, Luca Beatrice. And in fact his sculpture is always, in its own way, narrative. On the one hand he has chosen to resort to an outdated technique, terracotta, which links it to a past that is increasingly on the run, from Arturo Martini's composure up and up to the hieratic fixity of Etruscan plastic. On the other hand, not only for the use of color but for the choice - both conceptual and sentimental - of overtly introspective subjects, he confesses that he is at least as modern as Edward Hopper(while Luca Beatrice, quite rightly, he related it to the Dino Buzzati of Un amore , the beautiful novel dedicated to the lost love of a Milanese bourgeois for a lolitesca puttanella, the unforgettable Laide). More on Marco Cornini

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