01 Painting, Streets of Paris, by the artists of the time, Part 31 - With Footnotes

Manfred Lindemann-Frommel, 1852 - 1939, GERMAN
Oil on canvas
59 by 73.5cm., 23 by 29in.
Private collection

The Porte Saint-Martin is a Parisian monument located at the site of one of the gates of the now-destroyed fortifications of Paris. It is located at the crossing of Rue Saint-Martin, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Martin and the grands boulevards Boulevard Saint-Martin and Boulevard Saint-Denis.

The Porte Saint-Martin was designed by architect Pierre Bullet at the order of Louis XIV in honor of his victories on the Rhine and in Franche-Comté. Built in 1674, it replaced a medieval gate in the city walls built by Charles V. It was restored in 1988. More on The Porte Saint-Martin 

Manfred Lindemann-Frommel (born November 18, 1852 in Munich , † June 15, 1939 in Regensburg ) was a German marine painter, architect and art professor. He first studied architecture in Karlsruhe. He was a student from 1875 to 1883 at the Technical University of Munich by Adolf Heinrich Lier . He then continued his studies at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe under Hermann Baisch and Gustav Schoenleber. He also attended the School of Applied Arts in Dresden .

Professionally he went to Berlin in 1891 , in 1895 at the Berlin Bauakademie , in 1895 he exhibited at the Great Art Exhibition in Berlin. In 1896 he moved to Laboe, in 1912 to Kiel, in 1926 to Regensburg , where he lived and worked in the palatial Künstlerhaus Wittelsbacher Straße 9 . Lindemann-Frommel painted mainly seascapes with ships of the German fleet, these also as murals for city halls. More on Manfred Lindemann-Frommel

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