01 Paintings, The amorous game, Part 36 - With Footnotes

Ray McCarty 1934-2018
"Ma'am Are Those Real?"
Enhanced Giclee on Canvas
 24 x 30
Private collection

Ray McCarty. As early as the age of five, McCarty began demonstrating his artistic talent. Raised in the mountains of northern Utah, his first paintings were sketches of the American West inspired in part by his outlaw ancestry, The McCarty Gang, partners in crime with Butch Cassidy.

Ray graduated from University with a degree in fine art. As a student Ray studied the great masters in Spain and France and his work began to show the distinct influences of Modigliani, Renoir and Toulouse-Lautrec. Women in Victorian settings began to take precedence over the cowboys and Indians of his earlier Western paintings. His experimentation for a brief period in non-objective art provided the freedom of technique that contributed to his unique style.Ray McCarty

Ray’s dramatic use of line and color, along with foreshortening techniques make his work instantly recognizable. We can compare his vision with that of Toulouse-Lautrec in his treatment of the female face & form. McCarty uses live models in all of his portraits. His canvasses capture emotion in all of the many human palettes: proud and haughty, sensual and sexually confident, shy and humble, reflective and contemplative.

During the early 1970s, McCarty relocated to Las Vegas. He was acutely aware of the city’s renegade past and fascinated with its brash, glitzy attitude and began to paint scenes from the town’s early gambling saloons. More on  Ray McCarty

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