Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Contemporary Art / Doha - Kour Pour

Kour Pour
B. 1987
signed and dated 2010 on the reverse of each panel
acrylic on canvas, in eight parts
Overall: 122 by 183cm.; 48 by 72 in.

"The early carpets were based on the patterns that I grew up with; the later ones that I showed at Untitled in New York were more specific because I chose carpets mostly from the 16th Century. You can see images of dragons, monks and Portuguese sailors. These carpet designs were influenced by the experiences of trade and exchange with the Europeans, Indians and Chinese." Kour Pour, 2015
Kour Pour has established himself as one of the most electrifying artists to emerge from Los Angeles’s blossoming, dynamic and vigorous post-internet art scene. Growing up in England, Pour was constantly exposed to traditional textiles and carpets from Persia as his father owned a carpet shop where he would hand-dye sections of ancient carpets that had faded away in order to revitalise them. When Pour moved to Los Angeles, he had a strong feeling of displacement and sensed a part of his heritage had been lost. Once at college, Pour conducted extensive research through museum and auction catalogues and learned weaving techniques, carpet styles and of the diversity of fabrics. When he first started exploring the painting of carpets, he noticed how art and the crafting of an object such as a carpet played an essential role in the evolution of society. People weaving in a community, the history, patterns, figures and even the city where these object were traded and more particularly the legendary Silk Road where the most beautiful textiles were traded between Europe, the Middle East, India and China are clear examples of this. More