01 Painting, Streets of Paris, by the artists of the time, Part 39 - With Footnotes

George Malva (Syrian, b. 1957)
Paris Blues, 1986
Oil on canvas
32 x 28 inches (81.3 x 71.1 cm)
Private collection

Omar "Malva" Hamdi was a Syrian Kurdish artist. Born in 1952 in Al-Hasakah, Syria, he worked as a graphic artist for the Syrian Press, where he also wrote articles on an Artistic Criticism. He settled in Vienna in 1978 and was awarded the Austrian Nationality, he was a member of the General Federation of Austrian Artists and the UNESCO, and a member of the Künstlerhaus - Wien.

His works of Art are widely exhibited in several art Galleries, including in particular, Arnot Gallery New York, which acted as a representative gallery of his works.

His works are acquired by art collectors and dealers, art galleries and exhibitions, museums, banks and Ministries of Culture, in addition to a large number of private property acquisitions in America, Canada, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Japan, Sri Lanka, and Russia.

Many of his works have been printed in postcards and posters by several publishing houses and are being distributed in numerous countries worldwide.

His life was devoted to full-time artistic work. More on Omar "Malva" Hamdi

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