Friday, February 20, 2015

UN Security Council Takes Aim at ISIS Antiquities Trafficking

The Decumanus Maximus at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Palmyra in the Syrian desert, which has been targeted by looters. (photo by Bernard Gagnon via Wikimedia Commons)
Last week the United Nations Security Council adopted a new resolution to curb the trade of looted antiquities from Iraq and Syria. UN Security Council Resolution 2199 prohibits the trade of artifacts illegally removed from Syria since 2011 and Iraq since 1990. Its aim is to contain the revenue that terrorist organizations, including ISIS, receive from dealing in looted antiquities, taking hostages, and selling oil. More

ISIS destroyed statue of Arab poet Abu Tammam in Mosul #Iraq #ISIS #MiddleEast
(c) Mutlu Çiviroğlu, Twitter, 21st June 2014

An ISIS bulldozer destroys an ancient Sunni shrine near Tal Afar, Iraq. CREDIT: AP

Sculptures, pillar carvings and glass vessels were found to be on sale for knock-down prices in Beirut, Lebanon. Roman vases had been robbed from graves and were being sold by the box.