Monday, February 23, 2015

Photographs of Pablo Picasso

 "Picasso in Underwear," photo by David Douglas Duncan, 1957 Picasso with Paloma (b. 1949) and Claude (b. 1947) 
Le Tailleur de Picasso: Where Style Met ArtPicasso with an owl 1948
  Picasso: work on ceramics  
Picasso at the arena, 1950s black and white, Gjon Mili stroboscopic light photographs, 1949Picasso par Christian ZervosPicasso with Jacqueline Roque
  Picasso by carPicasso: Chagall with Picasso 
Picasso with his paintingsPablo Picasso: Cecil Beaton 1965Picasso: Guernica 1937, Paris  

Picasso: by Willy Maywald
Picasso painting
Picasso: the red list
Man Ray: Pablo Picasso, 1955

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