Thursday, February 19, 2015

Laurent Roch, 'Le Plongeoir French Riveria', 2011

Laurent Roch (b. 1970) - French photographer
'Le plongeoir, French Riveria'
Signed in ink verso 'Lauren Roch'
Numbered in ink verso '1/30'
Printed by Tirage-Art, with blind stamp lower right 
Image dimensions: 26 x 17 ¼ in. (66 x 43.8 cm.)
Sheet dimensions: 29 ½ x 20 in. (74.9 x 50.8 cm.)
Known for his explorations and images of the "open air theatre" of everyday life, Laurent Roch finds inspiration in the games of young men on the French Riveria. Capturing movement, excitement and innocence in a split second, "Le plongeoir" depicts two boys jumping off of a dock on the Riveria, as three friends standing, preparing to jump into the water below. In this fleeting moment, Roch captures the texture of the water's surface, the decay of the dock, and the youthful vitality of the subjects through artful composition and lighting.
Executed in 2011, this archival inkjet print is signed and numbered one from an edition of thirty. Printed by Tirage-Art, with their blind stamp lower right, the image measures 26 17 ¼ inches. Excellent, original condition.
Laurent Roch (French, b. 1970)
Born in Paris in 1970, Laurent Roch received his first camera at the age of eleven. He studied economics and worked in finance for over two decades, and now lives and exhibits his photographs in Nice. He finds inspiration in the open-air of the streets, reacting to the world around him through constant attention to detail. He has said of his work: "What I look for first and foremost is that unique, fleeting moment. That special moment that, in an instant disappears and is lost forever. In this "open air theatre" of everyday life, I try to capture life in its purest form. Nothing staged, no role playing. I go simply with the flow of what is unfolding around me. When luck offers me just what I am looking for, when everything is just perfectly and naturally in place, in harmony, all I need to do is act on my intuition." More