Tuesday, February 10, 2015

1993 Exhibition Poster CAPTURING THE HOLY LAND

This is a rare 1993 exhibition poster titled Capturing the Holy Land: M. J. Diness and the Beginnings of Photography in Jerusalem. Printed on thicker high quality paper. The first exhibition of the long-lost Diness collection was at the Harvard Semitic Museum in 1993, three years after John Barnier contacted the museum about his mysterious discovery (100 old glass plate negatives found at a Minnesota garage sale in 1988). The photographs showed Jerusalem and its environs, and the year 1858 was scratched into the emulsion of some of them. Diness's work marked the beginning of photography in Jerusalem. He was not only one of the very earliest photographers, but the first to be trained in Palestine itself. He was also the first resident photographer in Jerusalem, and the first to take stereoscopic views in Palestine. Diness was also the first person to make a visual travelogue of the Holy Land with his photographs of Galilee, Nazareth and Bethlehem. That same year, part of the Diness collection was exhibited at the University of Portland, Oregon, as well as in Jordan. Invaluable