Sunday, December 14, 2014

British Ecological Society's annual photo competition.

More than 200 entries were received - a new record for the competition - showing scenes of the natural world spanning Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe.

This shot of a hoverfly perched on a globe thistle, in the photographer's back garden, took the overall prize

"Walking the line" by Gillian Liu, showing farmers navigating rice paddies in Yunnan Province, China, won the student prize

 The judges highly commended this photo from a Siberian bog, showing a dragonfly trapped by a carnivorous plant

 These hardy plants in Death Valley rely on sediment washed into the barren lake bed by rare rains

 This shot of a dice snake tasting the air from a pond in Romania won the "whole organisms and populations" category

 A long exposure showing moths attracted to a flood lamp in Tsavo West National Park, Kenya, won the "ecology and society" category

 Caught in an act that only lasted a few seconds, these mating dragonflies won the "ecosystems and communities" category

 This shot of an elephant matriarch leading her family to water was highly commended by the judges

 Overlooking historical Rome, this yellow-legged gull was also highly commended

 Camouflage at work: An African flower mantis decapitates an unwary butterfly in another highly commended photo, taken in Kenya

An adult gannet leads three immature birds through updrafts at the cliffs of Hermaness, the most northerly point of the British Isles

 This dramatic image, also highly commended, shows blowflies gathering on a freshly dead young zebra to use it as a food store

 A photo of sparidae fish finding safety in numbers won the "ecosystems and communities" category for students

 This newly-emerged butterfly, basking on a barley crop, has wings that are still slightly see-through: the spots are on the underside of its wings