Sunday, December 7, 2014

Artist, Antonio López, who Took 20 Years to Paint Spain's Royal Portrait Says: “I'm not Lazy"

La Familia de Juan Carlos I—the portrait of the former Spanish Royal Family that has taken artist Antonio López twenty years to complete (see “After 20 Years, Portrait of Spain's Royal Family Is (Nearly) Finished")—has finally been presented to the public. It is shown as part of an exhibition retracing the history of Spanish Royal portraiture from the 15th century to today, which opened at Madrid's Royal Palace yesterday.

“I don't want anyone to think I've been lazy," the 78-year-old artist told El País in an interview this week. “I haven't painted people in a long time. If you look at my production in the last few decades, it's mostly landscapes and cityscapes. It's been good to reconnect with painting people, but also really hard," continued López, who also clarified that, during these two decades, he also worked on other projects.