Saturday, November 1, 2014

Artist's 'revealing' paintings combat harassment

Egypt: Artist's 'revealing' paintings combat harassment

Bassant El Qassem, 22, launched a campaign after being called fat by a man on the street, and seeing other women called "elephants, pickle barrels and cows" by men shouting out of car windows, she tells The Cairo Post. In 2013 the United Nations said that 99.3% of Egyptian women had experienced sexual harassment. In response, Ms El-Qassem, who considers herself to be of normal weight, started painting larger women in skimpy outfits. She aims to tell women they can be beautiful in outfits they might normally avoid wearing, "even only for themselves". "Girls should be comfortable with their bodies whatever shape or weight they may be," she says. Obesity is common in Egypt, with nearly 70% of the population considered overweight, and rates are higher among women than men...