Friday, October 31, 2014

Mariska Karto

Mariska Karto is a fine art-photographer/artist born in Suriname (South-America) and raised in the Netherlands. -

She loves creating (magical) female creatures. Females that are surrounded by a magic light, a light that radiates from the inside to outside in her. She...ethereal woman, enchanting and not of this world... Goddesses and their human emotions...

" this dreamworld, I create about the mysterious element of lightness, dark feelings and emotion in life.. I talk to you in a language without words, by using symbolism, color, light and shadow.

I am inspired by historic classical arthistory. My work shows emotions we all know like, light happy and dark grief emotions, at the same time it also shows hope and new perspectives for an unknown future. Because, where a door has been closed, another door will open...."