Friday, October 17, 2014

Henri Matisse’s “The Swimming Pool"

Henri Matisse’s “The Swimming Pool (La Piscine)” (1952) is on view through February 8 in Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs at the Museum of Modern Art (11 W 53rd Street, Midtown West, Manhattan).

“The Swimming Pool (La Piscine)” (1952) was inspired by Matisse’s trip to a favorite pool in Cannes on an especially scorching summer day. Upon returning to his Nice home, he announced: “I will make myself my own pool.” After his assistant ringed his burlap-lined dining room in a band of white paper (the artist was in a wheelchair by this time), Matisse dissected paper painted blue into the fragmented silhouettes of swimmers, divers, and stars. The figures were pinned onto the wall until his death in 1954. (MoMA has a photograph of the work in his dining room; unfortunately the sweet zebra chair isn’t also on view.)...

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