Monday, July 15, 2013

Interview that Henri Matisse: The artist's candid views from 1941 on his work and depression are set to be published

He was a giant of 20th-century art, revered for his sensitivity to line and colour. Now an extensive interview in which Henri Matisse freely shares his thoughts on everything from drawing to depression is to be published for the first time since he angrily blocked its publication more than 70 years ago.

In 1941, in an interview that spanned several days in Lyon and Nice, Matisse spoke with remarkable candour to an art critic, who planned to publish the transcript in a book. But the artist changed his mind and refused to allow the project to go to press.

Matisse was outraged partly by the editing, which reduced the text to 260 pages, a decision influenced by wartime paper shortages and cost-cutting. "You want to mutilate my work," he fumed. "I do a thing well or not at all. There are around 310 pages … do you wish to accept them in their entirety and publish them?" more