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Art Basel in Hong Kong  April 15, 2013

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Marc Chagall - artworks showcased in 1913: The Year of Modernism at Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton, NJ, USA , March 23, 2013

Art Basel Hong Kong -May 23–26, 2013

April Art Exhibitions: 10 Must-See Shows This Month - The Huffington Post
 San Francisco - SFMOMA to share art during construction - Although the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art will close on June 2 for nearly three years of renovation and expansion, the public will still be able to see some of its most treasured holdings.
The Legion of Honor, which exhibits European paintings and sculpture belonging to the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco, will display 23 of SFMOMA's canonical works by Henri Matisse, beginning Nov. 9, SFMOMA's curator of painting and sculpture Janet Bishop announced at a news conference Wednesday at the museum. Kenneth Baker

Chicago - Marc Chagall was commissioned to illustrate the Hebrew Bible. Images from that work are on display at the Loyola Museum of Art in "GRAVEN IMAGES: MARC CHAGALL'S BIBLE ILLUSTRATIONS." March 2 – June 16, 2013

Los Angeles - Matisse's last commission on display at the LACMA. The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) will be offering an exceptional occasion to admire the last work commissioned from Henri Matisse, produced in 1952, titled La Gerbe (The Sheaf). From 21 April to 8 September 2013. AMA

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Family claims Henri Matisse painting in Norwegian museum was Nazi loot. THE family of a prominent Parisian art dealer is demanding that a Norwegian museum return an Henri Matisse painting seized by Nazis under the direction of Hermann Goering, in the latest dispute over art stolen from Jews during World War II... News Limited
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Remembering Pablo Picasso On The 40th Anniversary Of His Death (VIDEO ... Today marks the 40th anniversary of the master Cubist's death, and his imprint on our culture remains visible in a number of places. Although artists from Julian Schnabel to Kanye West have claimed to reach Picasso's legendary status, we think it's ...Huffington Post
1915 Film Captures Pierre-Auguste Renoir At Work.

 The small, oil-rich Gulf state of Qatar has made another major modern art purchase. According to the French newspaper >Le Figaro, the Middle Eastern state has acquired Picasso’s Child with a Dove for £50m, a work that until last year had been in a UK collection since 1924. Art Newspaper
Picasso plus fort que Staline - L'affaire, restée célèbre, du portrait de Staline peint par Picasso en 1953 dessine une bissectrice dans l'histoire du rapport entre le Parti communiste et les peintres - ce dont rendent compte les archives du secrétaire général du Parti d'alors ...Le Huffington Post
Rembrandt Flash Mob Shocks Dutch Shoppers With Live Action Rendition Of 'The Night Watch' (VIDEO)
Honoré Daumier’s “Gargantua” (1830). After Honoré Daumier caricatured King Louis Philippe as Gargantua, he was sent to prison. In 1835, when the king reestablished the censorship he had previously abolished, significantly, it was not for print, but for caricature, on the ground that “whereas a pamphlet is no more than a violation of opinion, a caricature amounts to an act of violence.”     
Is the Art Market Undervalued? The Debate Over the Industry's $56-Billion Year/span>. by Shane Ferro - Artinfo