Monday, March 11, 2013

Beauty and the Brain, Katzen Arts Center @ZaidanGallery

On February 22nd, TSA teacher and artist Shahin Shikhaliyev gave a lecture titled “Beauty and the Brain” in the Katzen Arts Center at American University. Shahin discussed how our brain perceives beautiful pieces of art along with how to construct works of art piece by piece.

Shahin analyzed the picture to demonstrate how special organization and lines can alter how the viewer sees a picture. For example, Shahin points out how the picture feels claustrophobic due to its spatial organization. In the painting, Shahin discusses how Venus seems like she wants to leave the painting compared to Mars who is stretched out, relaxing and appears to be dominating over Venus who seems confined to a small space. Another point Shahin made about this picture is about how lines can affect a painting. Shahin points out the Satyrs holding a lance, which appear to be going right into Mars’ head. This adds an aggressive nature to the painting...more