Thursday, February 21, 2013

As police investigation of Bill Lowe Gallery continues.. @ZaidanGallery

The January 29 police raid on Bill Lowe Gallery, first reported by Channel 2 Action News, has many artists wondering: what took so long?

 Atlanta police executed a search warrant and removed a computer server, which was returned to the gallery on February 7. According to police Detective K. Stapler, it will take “a very long time” to sift through the contents copied from the computer’s hard drive. The police are looking for evidence of manipulated documents.

 Stapler told Arts ATL that it was cumulative complaints received over the years that prompted the action, not just the recent one by Wendy Snyder, who says she is owed $164,180 for works sold from the estate of Sam Glankoff.

 The police action has brought renewed attention to Lowe, whose reputation for not paying artists has circulated in the art community for quite a while. Among the recurring allegations:

 * Lowe reported that artworks sold for less than they did, thereby reducing artists’ remuneration.

 * Works went “missing,” meaning they were presumably sold and the artist wasn’t notified.

 * Lowe would make little or no payment and/or would drag out payments for months or years... more