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Zaidan Gallery Newsletter for August 15, 2012

Zaidan Gallery Newsletter

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Bonnard, Pierre - Le peintre NABI qui a maintenant son musée

Picasso, Pablo - Suite Vollard, The Life and Work of Pablo Picasso

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Bonnard, Pierre - Femme debout dans sa baignoire 1925, Nu 1927,

Marc Chagall - ROMEO AND JULIET, THE WINGED PAINTER, LA FLEUVE VERT, LE COQ AU CROISSANT, LE PEINTRE AU CHAPEAU, BOUQUET SUR LA VILLE, OFFERING OF FLOWERS, LA BAIE DES ANGES - NICE SOLEIL FLEURS, Flutist Musician, Fables - Jean de La Fontaine (Cramer 22) 1952, Le Peintre Ailé (Mourlot 1043) 1984, Chagall Lithographie (Cramer 43), Paris Bouquet (Mourlot 632),



Lautrec, Henri Toulouse - Pour toi!... (Wittrock 6) 1893,

Henri Matisse - SIRENES, Le repos du modèle (Duthuit 416) 1922, L'avaleur de sabres - plate 8 from "Jazz" 1947, Nu accroupi une cordelière nouée autour du cou 1931, Vierge et Enfant sur fond de fleurs et d'étoiles (Duthuit 646) 1950/51, Visage souriant (Duthuit 298), Femme Assise - Nu (Duthuit 47) 1914, Figure lisant (Duthuit 191) 1927, Trois Personnages, recherches sur les acides (Duthuit 230) 1931, Figure voilée aux deux bracelets (Duthuit 505) 1929,

Max, Peter - Love, Hearts (Blue), Flag (Green), Hearts (Pink), Flowers in a Vase, Flag With Hearts (Blue), Umbrella Man (Green), Jumper Over Sunrise,

Miró, Joan - PLATE 4 (FROM HOMENATGE A JOAN PRATS), SOBRETEIXIMS, FROM LES SALTIMBANQUES, FROM MARAVILLAS CON VARIACIONES ACROSTICAS EN EL JARDIN DE MIRO, EXHIBITION AT GALLERY MATARASSO, NICE, MIRO A L’ENCRE, Untitled (from 'Le Lézard aux Plumes d'Or') (Mourlot 793) 1972, Le Lezard aux plumes d'or (Mourlot 812; Cramer books 142), Affiche pour L'Exposition Miro, Louisiana Humelbaeck (M.944) 1974, Gaudi IX (Dupin 1068) 1979, L'Eskimo fièvreux (Mourlot 637) 1969, Yvan Goll: Bouquet de Rêves pour Neila, Bouquet de Réves pour Neila 1967, Portugal 1974, Composition 2 (M 233) 1956, Lithographia VI 1975,

Picasso, Pablo - TETE DE ROI (POSTER FOR LE CARNAVAL DE NICE), POUR ROBY, PAPIERS COLLES, ANTONIO MACHADO, DANS L’ATELIER: DEAUX MODELES AVEC UNE GRANDE TOILE ET DES SCULPTURES, LE GOUT DU BONHEUR (A SUITE OF HAPPY, PLAYFUL, AND EROTIC DRAWINGS), Paloma and Claude (Mourlot 186; Bloch 664) 1960, Maternité 1963, Picasso Lithographs I-IV, Drawings, Gouaches, Watercolours (Czwiklitzer 117) 1957, Exposition Céramique - Vallauris 1959 (Czwiklitzer 34), Exposition Vallauris 1953 (Czwiklitzer 68), Picador (from A Los Toros avec Picasso) (Bloch 1014-1017), Femme Nue 1950, Les Saltimbanques (Ginestat et Pouillon 634), La Danse Barbare from La Suite des Saltimbanques 1905-1913, Le Viol II from La Suite Vollard (Bloch 180; Baer 338 B.d) 1933, Marie Thérèse agenouillée contemplant un groupe sculpté from La Suite Vollard (Bloch 175; Baer 328,Bd) 1933, Femme nue devant une Statue (Bloch 139; Baer 205 B.d) 1931, Modèle nu et Sculptures, from La Suite Vollard (Bloch 185, Baer 344 B.d) 1933, Minotaure, Buveur et Femmes, from La Suite Vollard (Bloch 200, Baer 368 B.d) 1933, Le Viol sous la Fenêtre, from La Suite Vollard (Bloch 183, Baer 342 B.d) 1933, Tête or Sculpture. Profil de Marie-Thérèse (Bloch 256; Baer 295,Bb1) 1933, Beau Gentilhomme Espagnol et Femme à Barbe, from Series 347 (Bloch 1743; Baer 1760,Bb2) 1968, Study Of Guernica 1937, Study Of Guernica 1937,

Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Le Chapeau Épinglé - 2e planche 1897,

Rembrandt, H, van Rijn - Faust (Bartsch 270) 1652, The First Oriental Head (Bartsch 286) 1635, Man wearing a close cap: Bust (The Artist's Father?) (Bartsch 304)

1630, The Second Oriental head (Bartsch 287) 1635, Bearded Man in a Furred Oriental Cap and Robe: The Artist's Father (Bartsch 263) 1631, Self Portrait Drawing at a Window (Bartsch 22) 1648, Jan Uytenbogaert, Preacher of the Remonstrants (Bartsch 279) 1635, Jan Uytenbogaert, The Gold Weigher (Bartsch 281) 1639, Jan Asselyn, Painter (Bartsch 277) 1647, Old man with a divided fur cap (Bartsch 265) 1640, Clement de Jonghe, Printseller (Bartsch 272) 1651, Jan Antonides van der Linden (Bartsch 264)

1665, Old Woman Sleeping (Bartsch 350) 1635, Samuel Manasseh Ben Israel 1636, St Jerome Kneeling in Prayer, looking down 1635, The Raising of Lazarus: Small Plate (Bartsch 72) 1642, Peasant Family on the tramp (Barstch 131; Nowell-Usticke 131) 1652, The Strolling Musicians (Bartsch 119) 1635,




My French Easel: Joan Miró exhibition at the Musée bibliothèque ... Joan Miró,  at the Musée bibliothèque Pierre André Benoit in Alès. “Miró and graphic arts”. “Miró and graphic arts” (“Miró et les arts graphiques”) at the ... From 5 July until 16 September

CANNES.- Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973) “painted the way some people write their autobiography.” And thus his work seems intimately linked to those places where the evolving artist chose to spend his time. The exhibition "Picasso Les chemins du Sud" at ‘Le Centre d'art La Malmaison' runs  July 1, until  September 30, 2012 Art Daily

Picasso Black and White; at the Guggenheim. This comprehensive exhibition focuses in depth on Picasso's career-long exploration of a black-and-white palette. Surveying his oeuvre from 1904 to 1971, Picasso Black and White comprises some 110 works, including painting as well as sculpture and several works on paper. October 5, 2012–January 23, 2013

More than 250 works from the Musée National Picasso, Paris (MUSEUM IS CURRENTLY CLOSED FOR RENOVATION WORK until Summer 2013), will go on display in Milan's Palazzo Reale. Around 88,000 advance tickets have already been sold for "Pablo Picasso: Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso in Paris” (20 September-6 January 2013).

When Artists Attack the King: Daumier, Honore and 'La Caricature,' 1830—1835. Work by the original bad boys of political satire goes on view August 1, 2012 through November 11, 2012. The weekly Paris journal La Caricature, founded in 1830 shortly after Louis-Philippe I (1773–1850) took the French throne, quickly became the King’s worst enemy in his fight for popular approval (also visit LA CARICATURE GALLERY) Stanford

Exhibitions Cont.

Picasso to take center stage at Conrad Indianapolis. Conrad Indianapolis will showcase a public exhibit of rare works by Picasso, Pablo  September 4 – October 14. The compilation of 25 prints spanning from 1905 to 1968 boasts a value in the seven figures. Examples of works from Picasso's  Suite Vollard ...

The Palestinian-British artist, Mona Hatoum is showcasing her first monographic exhibition in Barcelona. In 2011, Mona Hatoum was awarded the Joan Miró Prize for her ability to connect through personal experience with universal values. The exhibition is open to visitors until 24 September 2012. Enjoy!

Harvard Art Museums: Henri Matisse Collection; Two Sketches of a Nude Girl Playing a Flute, Female Nude Study, The Plumed Hat, Portrait of Marguerite Matisse, Portrait of Thomas Whittemore, Still Life with Apples, Geraniums...

KASSEL, Germany — With 50 days left of documenta 13, the exhibition has several records in its sights. Between its June 9 opening and July 28, it is estimated that documenta will bring in over 378,000 visitors. That is slightly more than half of the total 751,000 visitors who came to documenta 12 in 2007,

Picasso  & Modern British Art, which after showing at Tate Britain, comes to the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art in Edinburgh this week (4 August to 4 November).

Nermine Hammam: "Cairo, year one" at the Mosaic rooms. Egyptian artist Nermine Hammam's first UK solo featuring two new bodies of work. 20 July - 24 August 2012

Art Crime

Guilford man indicted on fraud charges for allegedly selling fake art (document). According to the indictment, Crespo allegedly defrauded customers between 2005 and 2011 by falsely telling them he was selling original Pablo Picasso  pieces and original Marc Chagall  signed lithographs, as well as creating fake documents of authenticity for ... New Haven Register

Missing art leads to fraud charge against St. Paul man. Sheedy also reported as stolen works by Rembrandt, Dali, Salvador and other noted artists. Government agents armed with a federal search warrant found many of the same pieces at his home in 2011. According to FBI special agent Amanda Knez, ... Minneapolis Star Tribune

How the State House’s cultural treasures have vanished, piece by piece.

As the central repository for historical art and artifacts in a region with profoundly deep roots, the State House — along with the Massachusetts Archives, which moved from the State House to Dorchester in 1985 — has served as a storehouse for one of the most prized public collections of paintings and ephemera in America. The Phoenix

Marshals on the hunt for artist accused of Picasso vandalism. Investigators are actively searching for the 22-year-old Houston artist wanted for spray-painting Pablo Picasso's "Woman in a Red Armchair" in June. There is a warrant out for the arrest of Uriel Landeros for criminal mischief and felony graffiti...

Two indicted with trying to sell $3 million Henri Matisse painting. Almost two weeks after being arrested in a Miami Beach hotel room, a Miami resident and a Mexican national faced a federal grand jury for their part in the mysterious theft of Henri Matisse's “Odalisque in Red Pants,” valued at about $3 million. The federal ...

Lost Or Stolen? Lichtenstein Painting Magically Reappears : “In January 1970, [art dealer Leo Castelli] sent Roy Lichtenstein’s “Electric Cord,” out to be cleaned by restorer Daniel Goldreyer. But instead of returning the painting, Goldreyer told Castelli the work had been lost.

The work was officially listed as “lost/stolen” in the international Art Loss Registry in 2007.

Then last week, James Goodman Gallery owner James Goodman called the Lichtenstein foundation to say he’d been told by a ‘third party’ that the painting was at Hayes Storage.”

Art News

Gaugengigl, Ignaz Marce  - Harvard Art Museums. Ignaz Marcel Gaugengigl. Portrait of Professor Kuno Francke, 1925. painting. American, 20th century. BR25.1. Add to Lightbox. Ignaz Marcel Gaugengigl ... - Harvard Art Museums

Cubism Covered Up: Picasso Posters Too Hot for Edinburgh Airport. Edinburgh Airport covered up posters featuring images of Pablo Picasso’s 1932 painting “Nude Woman in a Red Armchair” because it features a nude woman in an armchair. Art Info

Culture cuts: where austerity measures are curtailing the arts –  How the financial crisis is squeezing funding for arts institutions throughout Europe... The Guardian

Can you make any kind of living as an artist? With the exception of household names, most people in the creative arts need a day job to make ends meet. But should artists have to work or should they be supported by the state? Elizabeth Day - The Observer

Brassaï, Henri Matisse and His Model, 1939. Via CUBICLE REFUGEE

Gaugengigl, Ignaz Marcel (1855 – 1932) « AMERICAN GALLERY - Ignaz Marcel Gaugengigl (1855 – 1932). Posted by Suzay Lamb on August 1, 2012; The Visitor, Scherzando, A Man And His Dog, Mrs. James Henry Lancashire, Violin player seated on trunk...

Lautrec, Henri Toulouse and the Paris Scene - Throughout his career, which spanned less than 20 years, Toulouse-Lautrec created 737 canvases, 275 watercolours, 363 prints and posters, 5,084 drawings, some ceramic and stained glass work, and an unknown number of lost works... Urban Milwaukee


Emporium Auction Company Collectibles, Fine Art & Sculpture Auction, August 15, 2012

Bonnard, Pierre - Femme debout dans sa baignoire 1925 were auctioned on July 11, 2012 at Bonhams New Bond Street, Prints, Sale #: 20018

Marc Chagall - Paris Bouquet and 4 other lots were auctioned on July 11, 2012 at Bonhams New Bond Street, Prints, Sale #: 20018

Lautrec, Henri Toulouse - Pour toi!... (Wittrock 6) 1893, was auctioned on July 11, 2012 at Bonhams New Bond Street, Prints, Sale #: 20018

Henri Matisse - Figure voilée aux deux bracelets (Duthuit 505) 1929, and 8 other lots were auctioned on July 11, 2012 at Bonhams New Bond Street, Prints, Sale #: 20018

Picasso, Pablo - Minotaure, Buveur et Femmes, from La Suite Vollard (Bloch 200, Baer 368 B.d) 1933,  and 16 other lots were auctioned on July 11, 2012 at Bonhams New Bond Street, Prints, Sale #: 20018

Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Le Chapeau Épinglé - 2e planche 1897 auctioned on July 11, 2012 at Bonhams New Bond Street, Prints, Sale #: 20018