Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Zaidan Art Gallery Blog for Collectors

Zaidan Art Gallery Blog for Collectors
Welcome to our weekly art collector Blog/Newsletter; For the Week of November 8, 2010
At Art Collector Blog we list information about the visual artists whose works we own/sell, listed below. The artists' news, reviews, auctions & auction results, latest market prices, exhibitions and related stories. We search the web daily.
Besides our usual updates, this week we have added a few new artists. Please visit our Artists Page. We have also started a new section called Artists of the future; who will they be?

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This week at Auctions:
Sold at Strauss & Co., Johannesburg, November 1, 2010: Pablo Picasso - Lot 4 Composition au Verre et Compotier, Henri Matisse - Mother and Child,
Sold at Sotheby's New York, November 2, 2010: Salvador Dalí - La Femme poisson, Pierre Bonnard - PARIS Street Scene and NU ASSIS, JAMBE PLIÉE , Pablo Picasso - Homme au fanion and 4 other lots, Marc Chagall - JOUR DE FÊTE (LE RABBIN AU CITRON), Joan Miró - Femmes, oiseaux and Untitled (Peinture IV/V), Henri Matisse - DANSEUSE DANS LE FAUTEUIL, SOL EN DAMIER and 6 other lots, Auguste Renoir - La Couseuse,
Sold at Doyle New York, November 1, 2010: Salvador Dalí- Set of 11: OUR HISTORICAL HERITAGE and 4 other lots, Pablo Picasso - MINOTAURE AVEUGLE GUIDE PAR UNE... and 17 other lots, Marc Chagall - THE RED BOUQUET and 13 other lots, Joan Miró - MAJA NEGRA and 8 other lots, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec - AU CONCERT and 4 other lots, Henri Matisse - TETE DE FEMME and NU AU FAUTEUIL RAYE, Auguste Renoir - BAIGNEUSE ASSISE,
Sold at Swann Auction Galleries, October 28, 2010: Salvador Dalí- St. George and the Dragon and 5 other lots, Rembrandt - The Descent from the Cross and 97 other lots, Pierre Bonnard - La Rue, Pablo Picasso - Têtes and 10 other lots, Marc Chagall - Quai de la Tournelle and 8 other lots, Lyonel Feininger - Sonnenaufgang and 2 other lots, Joan Miró - Le Géante and 10 other lots, Honoré Daumier - Enfin! Nous avons obtenu la séparation... and Collection of 45 lithographs, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec - Mademoiselle Marcel Lender, en buste and 4 other lots, Henri Matisse - Le Jour and 3 other lots, Auguste Renoir- Ambroise Vollard and 10 other lots, View auction results
Sold at Bonhams Knightsbridge, November 2, 2010: Theo Tobiasse - La chevre et l'harlequin and 3 other lots
Sold at Heritage Auction Galleries, Dallas, October 27,: Salvador Dalí - Christ on the Cross, Pablo Picasso - Le serment des femmes (From Lysistrata... and 4 other lots, Marc Chagall - Sarah and Hagar and Bouquet with Eiffel Tower, Joan Miró - La vendangeuse (The Harvester), Henri Toulouse-Lautrec - Femme couchée, reveil (from Elles), Henri Matisse - Danseuse au tabouret (from Dix...,
To be sold at Christie's Amsterdam, November 17, 2010: Pablo Picasso - Goat's Head in Profile and 9 other lots View all lots
To be sold at Sotheby's Milan, November 24, 2010: Pablo Picasso - Les trois femmes

Our Artists' News:
Chicago:- Marc Chagall's "America Windows," dismantled in 2005, for safe keeping during the lengthy, vibration-heavy construction of the Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago, is back. Chicago Tribune.
New York:- Henri Matisse nude “Back IV” fetches record price. A 6-foot Henri Matisse bronze of a nude woman seen from behind has been sold for more than $48 million (£29.5 million) in New York City, a record auction price for the artist’s work. Telegraph
Joan Miró - discussed in The PICTURE: Kids' Play / The New Republic, Steve Wynn $40 Million Lichtenstein Signals Pickup in Auctions / Bloomberg
Rembrandt - discussed in Rediscovered Rembrandt on loan to DAM offers a view of artist / Denver Post, Rare Prints Donated to the National Gallery / The Epoch Times,
Pablo Picasso - discussed in Paris police catch Picasso thief / Evening Standard, A Guide to the Virtual Art Market / ARTnews, The Art Market: Unseen collections / Financial Times, Pablo Picasso Thumbed His Nose at Nazis in Occupied Paris: Lewis Lapham / Bloomberg,
Henri Matisse - discussed in Lot by Lot: Sotheby’s Imp/Mod NY 11/10 / Art Market Monitor, A Prayer for the City: The Truth About the Barnes Foundation / Big Think , Icons of another age / Boston Globe, “Belle of the Ball” Modigliani Nude Breaks Artist Record at $69 Million / MutualArt, Strong Sale of Impressionist and Modern Art at Sotheby’s Brings $227.6 million / MutualArt, Audio: Matisse, Back No. 4 / Art Market Monitor, Stunning visuals: Redstone Diary 2011 / The Independent,
Auguste Renoir - discussed in Spain's El Prado to host special Renoir show / China Daily
Rembrandt - art show in The Memory, The City and The Arts: Circumcision at Wallraf-Richartz-Museum , Fondation Corboud, Museen der Stadt Köln, Cologne, Germany , November 5, 2010
Pablo Picasso - art show in Highlights from the Photography Collection: Faces and Figures at Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA , November 9, 2010, The Artist’s Profession: Science and Charity in Context at Museu Picasso de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain , November 30, 2010

Art News, For Last Week:
HSBC:- If you’d added a few paintings to your portfolio over the last few years, instead of all those bank stocks, your retirement nest egg might be looking a little different right now. By: Shelly K. Schwartz, HSBC Private Bank
Qatar:- Who Is the Emir of Qatar and why does he want to buy Christie's? By Judd Tully, InfoArt
Toronto:-Canadian Artists Want A Share Of Resale Prices - The Globe & Mail
Los Angeles:- An exodus of artwork from L.A. The collections of Dennis Hopper and others are largely headed for auction, not museums. Why? The reasons are many, experts say, including art prices, a need for cash and the owners' wishes. Los Angeles Times
London:- British art restorer uncovers a lost Giotto masterpiece. The Ognissanti Crucifix was a neglected Italian treasure which a team of experts have now repaired and identified. Vanessa Thorpe, The Observer
Ottawa:- Thanks to a generous gift from the collection of the former medieval historian, writer, lecturer and Order of Canada recipient Dr. Margaret Wade Labarge (1916-2009), the National Gallery of Canada (NGC) has acquired four prints by Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn, two by German artist Albrecht Dürer, one by British artist David Young Cameron, one by Italian artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi and one by American-born, British-based artist James McNeill Whistler. National Gallery of CanadaOttawa:- Art collector banking on new gallery. Raymond de Celles has come up with a novel way to sell thousands of works. Ottawa Citizen.

Our Artists are:
Albert Carrier-Belleuse, Allen Gilbert, An He, Arthur Foster, Ben Kamihira, Benjamin Brown, Chiparus, Demetre, CHRISTOPHE FRATIN, CLARENCE GAGNON, CLEMENT HAUPERS, Elizabeth Spalding, Elizabeth Thompson, Erte, Frederic Remington, Gaugengigl, Ignaz Marcel, Gilles E. Gingras,Giunta, Joseph, HELMUT GRANSOW, Henri Matisse, Hughes Claude Pissarro, Ignaz Marcel Gaugengigl, J W Good, Joan Mirò, Lelia Pissarro, Louis Icart, Louis Muhlstock, Lyonel Feininger, Marc Chagall, MARC-AURELE, FORTIN, NEUMANN, Ernest, Pablo Picasso, PAUL DUBOIS, Paul Neri, PENCKE, Peter Max, Pierre Bonnard, PIERRE-JULES MÊNE, Rembrandt van Rijn, Renoir, Rosa Bonheur, Salvador Dali, Stanley Cosgrove, TETSURO SAWADA, Theo Tobiasse, Willy Biehn NEW: Jeremie All, Favreau, Marcel , Labelle, Vezina Regis, Weber Christian, Windisch Etienne J

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