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Zaidan Art Gallery Blog for Collectors

Zaidan Art Gallery Blog for Collectors

Welcome to our weekly art collector Blog/Newsletter; For the Week of November 1, 2010
At Art Collector Blog we list information about the visual artists whose works we own/sell, listed below. The artists' news, reviews, auctions & auction results, latest market prices, exhibitions and related stories. We search the web daily.
Besides our usual updates, this week we have added a few new artists. Please visit our Artists Page.
We have also started a new section called Artists of the future; who will the be?

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This week at Auctions:
Sold at Sotheby's New York, October 30, 2010: Auguste Renoir - Le chapeau épinglé, 1re... and Danse à la Campagne, 2e Planche, Henri Matisse - Jazz (See D. BK. 22) and 10 other lots, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec - Moulin Rouge, La Goulue (Adriani 1;... and 7 other lots, Joan Miró - Passage de L'Egyptienne (C. Bks 257) and 15 other lots, Lyonel Feininger - Zwolf Holzschnitte (see P. H262) and 2 other lots, Marc Chagall - Cirque (M. 490-527; C. Bks 68) and 20 other lots, Pablo Picasso - Buste de Femme D'apres Cranach le Jeu... and 66 other lots, Pierre Bonnard - Quelques aspects de la vie de Paris..., Salvador Dalí - Aliyah (M./L. 1193-1217) and 2 other lots
Sold at Shannon's, October 28, 2010 Ernest Albert - Snowy Winter Stream and Plum Colored Cloisonne, Pierre Bonnard - Study for Portrait de Marthe Bonnard.
Sold at Christie's New York, October 27, 2010: Salvador Dalí - 25 WORKS: Les chevaux Daliniens,... and 3 other lots Pablo Picasso - Buste de Femme au Chapeau and 60 other lots, Joan Miró - La Femme au Miroir and 17 other lots, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec - Jane Avril and 2 other lots, Henri Matisse - Marie-José en robe jaune and 7 other lots, Auguste Renoir - La Danse à la Campagne, 2e Planche and 3 other lots View auction results
Sold at Bonhams & Butterfields, San Francisco, October 26, 2010: Auguste Renoir - Louis Valtat, from Douze Lithographies... and 2 other lots, Henri Matisse - Le repos du modèle, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec - Le Revue Blanche and 8 other lots, Joan Miró - Joueur de Bugle aux Oiseaux and 29 other lots, Marc Chagall - La Bastille and 20 other lots, Pablo Picasso - Femme au Chapeau and 40 other lots, Pierre Bonnard - La Revue Blanche, Rembrandt - Adam and Eve and 9 other lots, Salvador Dalí - Moi, aussi j'ai connu l'empereur View auction results
Sold at Christie's King Street, October 26, 2010: Dimitri H. Chiparus - YAMBO and 3 other lots View auction results
Sold at Artcurial Briest-Poulain-F. Tajan, October 25, 2010: Marc Chagall - LE PEINTRE A LA PALETTE, Pablo Picasso - TETE DE FAUNE and 5 other lots, Pierre Bonnard - ETUDE POUR "ROSES DANS UN VASE JAUNE", Salvador Dalí - FEMME A LA TÊTE DE ROSE and 3 other lots,
Sold at Bonhams & Butterfields, Los Angeles, October 24, 2010: Joan Miró - Pl. 1, from Gravures pour une Exposition,
Sold at Leonard Joel, October 24, 2010: Joan Miró - Pygmée Sous la Lune, Louis Icart - Les Chatons (Spilled Milk),
Sold at Dorotheum, November 24, 2010: Henri Matisse - Nu assis dans un fauteuil au décor..., Henri Toulouse-Lautrec - “Divan Japonais” and 2 other lots, Joan Miró - “Serie Gaudi 46” and 2 other lots, Lyonel Feininger - Four Lucky Ghosties, Marc Chagall - Vue sur Notre-Dame and Portrait de femme, Pablo Picasso - Faune dévoillant une dormeuse (pl. 27... and 2 other lots, Salvador Dalí - Space Elephant,
Sold at De Vuyst, October 23, 2010: Salvador Dalí - RHINOCÉROS COSMIQUE and 5 other lots Pierre-Jules Mene - GROUPE DE CHIENS AU REPOS (RACE... and JUMENT À L'ÉCURIE JOUANT AVEC UN CHIEN Pablo Picasso - CHOUETTE AUX PLUMES and SALOMÉ, Francois Hippolyte Moreau - LA FORTUNE, Albert-Ernest Carrier-Belleuse - LA LISEUSE, View auction results
Sold at Grogan & Company, October 23, 2010: Auguste Renoir - 2 WORKS: FEMME NUE COUCHEE ; SUR LA..., Henri Toulouse-Lautrec - 2 WORKS: YVETTE GUILBERT and CARNOT MALADE, Marc Chagall - LE BOUQUET NOIR ET BLEU and MERCURY AND THE WOOD CUTTER, PLATE 54:..., Pablo Picasso - TETE DE FAUN and 3 other lots, Salvador Dalí - LEO ; CANCER, from Signs of the Zodiac,
Sold at Ketterer Kunst Munich, October 22, 2010: Joan Miró - From: Oda à Joan Miró and 9 other lots, Lyonel Feininger - Six Manikins and 3 other lots, Marc Chagall - Aus: Sur la terre des dieux (Minnerme) and 8 other lots, Pablo Picasso - Femme endormie and 24 other lots, Theo Tobiasse - Paris fleur de bitume View auction results
Sold at Waddington's, October 21, 2010: Joan Miró - PLATE 4 (FROM HOMENATGE A JOAN PRATS) and 5 other lots, Louis Icart - MOTHER BIDDING FAREWELL TO SON; SYMBOL... and TEASING (TAQUINERE), Marc Chagall - THE BAY and 9 other lots, Pablo Picasso - DANS L’ATELIER: DEAUX MODELES AVEC UNE... and 5 other lots, Salvador Dalí - Vénus au joueur d'orgue and 7 other lots, Theo Tobiasse - JUSQUI AU JOUR DU GRAND FLEUVE and DANSE DE MYRIAM, Salvador Dalí - MEMORIES OF SURREALISM (A FOLIO OF... and 2 other lots View auction results
Sold at Dorotheum, October 21, 2010: Henri Toulouse-Lautrec - "Babylone d'Allemagne par Victor Joze", Salvador Dalí - Alma del Quijote
Sold at John Moran Auctioneers, Inc., October 19, 2010: Benjamin Brown - Path Through a California Landscape and 2 other lots, View auction results
To be sold at Bukowskis, Helsinki, November 16, 2010: Theo Tobiasse - DANSE-PANTOMIME POUR FRUITS DE VELOURS... and 7 other lots, Salvador Dalí - ESPEJO VIVO and 5 other lots, Marc Chagall - LES TROIS NUS and LES PEINTRES , Pablo Picasso - 16.4. 1967, Joan Miró - HOMENAGE A JOAN PRATS, View all lots
To be sold at Stephan Welz & Co., Johannesburg, November 16, 2010: Frederic Remington - RATTLESNAKE; END OF THE TRAIL
To be sold at Altermann Galleries, Santa Fe, November 14, 2010: Frederic Remington - The Scalp and 3 other lots
To be Sold at Koller Geneva, November 13, 2010: Theo Tobiasse - "La péniche de Haute-Provence" Marc Chagall - "L'ange au chandelier", Louis Icart - Don Juan and Casanova, Pablo Picasso - "Colombe brillante" and 2 other lots, Marc Chagall - 82 WORKS: Homer, L'Odysse, Fernand... and 27 other lots, Joan Miró - "Les Voyants" (plate VI of Les Voyants... and 2 other lots View all lots
To be sold at Rago Arts and Auction Center, November 13, 2010: Henri Matisse - Le Signe De Vie, Joan Miró - A Woman Picking Grapes and 3 other lots, Marc Chagall - Night in Paris; Eiffel Tower with..., Pablo Picasso - Si Large Mon (3) and 4 other lots, Rembrandt - The Blind Fiddler and Bald Old Man with a Short Beard, in...,
To be sold at Christie's New York, November 11, 2010: Salvador Dalí - Velázquez: Las Meninas
To be sold at Doyle New York, November 10, 2010: Honoré Daumier - Bust of Earl Alfred-Pierre De Falloux and 2 other lots, Joan Miró - Femmes devant la lune, View all lots
To be sold at Heritage Auction Galleries, Dallas, October 27, 2010: Henri Matisse - Danseuse au tabouret (from Dix..., Henri Toulouse-Lautrec - Femme couchée, reveil (from Elles), Joan Miró - La vendangeuse (The Harvester), Marc Chagall - Sarah and Hagar and Bouquet with Eiffel Tower, Pablo Picasso - Le serment des femmes (From Lysistrata... and 4 other lots, Salvador Dalí - Christ on the Cross,
To be sold at Doyle New York, November 10, 2010: Auguste Renoir - Etude de Deux Nus en Buste et Esquisse...,
To be sold at Strauss & Co., Johannesburg, November 1, 2010: Henri Matisse - Mother and Child, Pablo Picasso - Composition au Verre et Compotier
To be sold at Sotheby's New York, November 3, 2010:Impressionist & Modern Art Day Sale

Our Artists' News:
MALAGA.- On the Anniversary of the Birth of Pablo Picasso, Museo Picasso Málaga Presents New Acquisitions. MPM’s permanent collection provides visitors with an overview of eight decades of Pablo Picasso’s work, conveying the painstaking creative capacity of an artist who is essential to understanding Western art history, and thereby embodying the desire to offer the city of Picasso’s birth some of the fruits of his talent.
Paris:- While the French government is busy redesigning the iconic Paris museum (housed in a former train station), its collection of Impressionist works is touring the world, netting major attendance numbers. It brought 476,000, and 770,000 in Tokyo, both new national records for national attendance at a single museum show. Manet, the Impressionists (Monet, Renoir, Pissarro & Co.), plus the three great independents—Van Gogh, Cézanne and Gauguin; Gustave Caillebotte, Millet, Courbet, Seurat, Henri Rousseau, Pierre Bonnard, Édouard Vuillard... WSJ
Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt - artworks showcased in The Naked Face-Self-portraits at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia , Melbourne, Australia , December 3, 2010
Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso - mentioned in article titled Preview of Sotheby's Nov. 2 Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale / MutualArt
Henri Matisse, Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso - mentioned in article titled Impressionist And Modern Art Evening Sale In New York Expected To Exceed US$200M / Artnow Online
Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí - mentioned in article titled From El Greco to Dalí: The Great Spanish Masters of the Pérez Simón Collection / Apollo
Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí - mentioned in article titled Mind-Blowing Yurrup / National Arts Journalism Program
Auguste Renoir, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso - artworks showcased in Modern Masters: Impressionism and Early 20th Century Art, a Private Selling Exhibition at Sotheby's Hong Kong, Wan Chai - Hong Kong, Hong Kong , November 26, 2010
Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí - mentioned in article titled Auctioneer of bogus art sentenced to five years in prison / Los Angeles Times
Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalí - mentioned in article titled Fake art TV auctioneer sentenced to five years / BBC News
Pablo Picasso - mentioned in the following articles: Around the Galleries / Apollo, Major Picasso exhibition begins U.S. tour, The House of The Nobleman / Dazed and Confused, Pablo Picasso Prints artworks showcased at Augen Gallery, NW Davis, Portland, OR, USA , November 4, 2010, Celebrate Liszt's birthday with last ever portrait at the Royal Academy Budapest Treasures show / Culture24, There's a Right Reason to Love Picasso, and to Cry Over the 2010 Arts Innovator Awards / The Stranger, The Pace Years: When One Gallery Is Not Enough / New York Times, SAM curator to discuss African influence on Picasso's work at Hotel 1000 / The Seattle Times
Rembrandt - mentioned in the following articles: National Gallery Acquires Nine Exceptionally Rare Prints / Artnow Online, The beastliness of modern art / Financial Times
Joan Miró - artworks showcased in Master Prints at Augen Gallery, SW 2nd, Portland, OR, USA , November 4, 2010
Pierre Bonnard - mentioned in the following article: The International Fine Art and Antique Dealers Show / New York Times
Marc Chagall - mentioned in article titled Chagall's 'Windows' get shine back / Chicago Sun-Times
Auguste Renoir - mentioned in article titled Impressionists score huge hit for National Galleries / The Scotsman
Henri Matisse - mentioned in article titled The Barnes Foundation's alarming architectural plans / Los Angeles Times

Art News, For Last Week:
London:- Drift 2010 will see artworks along the river and waterways in central London and Canary Wharf. It will provide an inspiring and exciting spectacle at the cutting edge of contemporary art, engaging a large and diverse audience. 2nd November 2010 - 8th January 2011.
LONDON.- On 27 October, the Saatchi Gallery opens Newspeak: British Art Now Part II, the second installment of the Gallery’s museum-scale survey of emergent British contemporary art. Art Daily
Qatar:- May Bid for Christie's as Emir Buys Art, Plans Mideast Cultural Hub... Bloomberg
DUBAI.- Christie’s, the world’s leading art business, announced that tonight’s sale of International Modern and Contemporary Art in Dubai made $14,043,000 / AED 51,565,896, more than doubling the pre-sale estimate of $6.7 million and confirming Christie’s market leadership in the region... Art Daily
LONDON.- Tate Archive will celebrate its 40th anniversary this week with a fascinating new display, 40 Degrees of Separation, featuring forty items from the Tate Archive Collection, all of them interconnected in sequence. From Kenneth Clark’s notebook when he was making the epic Civilisation for the BBC to Keith Vaughan’s suicide note, and from Jake Chapman’s schoolboy essay on his favourite painters to a loving letter from Constable to his wife, this rich diversity of material reveals undiscovered gems which provide intriguing insights into the workings of British artists and institutions over the last three centuries...
VANCOUVER.- The Vancouver Art Gallery has passed a major milestone, as its permanent collection now exceeds 10,000 items...
London:- Irma Stern Makes New £2.4 Million World Record for South African Art at Bonhams in London... Bonhams
ISTANBUL.- Antik A.S., the leading Turkish auction house,, will offer masterpieces of Modern and Contemporary Turkish Art, on November 7th.

Our Artists:
Albert Carrier-Belleuse, Allen Gilbert, An He, Arthur Foster, Ben Kamihira, Benjamin Brown, Chiparus, Demetre, CHRISTOPHE FRATIN, CLARENCE GAGNON, CLEMENT HAUPERS, Elizabeth Spalding, Elizabeth Thompson, Erte, Frederic Remington, Gaugengigl, Ignaz Marcel, Gilles E. Gingras,Giunta, Joseph, HELMUT GRANSOW, Henri Matisse, Hughes Claude Pissarro, Ignaz Marcel Gaugengigl, J W Good, Joan Mirò, Lelia Pissarro, Louis Icart, Louis Muhlstock, Lyonel Feininger, Marc Chagall, MARC-AURELE, FORTIN, NEUMANN, Ernest, Pablo Picasso, PAUL DUBOIS, Paul Neri, PENCKE, Peter Max, Pierre Bonnard, PIERRE-JULES MÊNE, Rembrandt van Rijn, Renoir, Rosa Bonheur, Salvador Dali, Stanley Cosgrove, TETSURO SAWADA, Theo Tobiasse, Willy Biehn NEW: Jeremie All, Favreau, Marcel , Labelle, Vezina Regis, Weber Christian, Windisch Etienne J

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