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Zaidan Art Gallery Blog for Collectors

Zaidan Art Gallery Blog for Collectors
Week of August 22. 2010
Art News, This Week's Headlines:
LONDON.- Christie's announced the September auction of Old Master, Modern and Contemporary Prints, which will showcase five centuries of printmaking and a remarkable selection of famous names from all periods. Alongside iconic prints by Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró...
BRUGES.- The sculpture "Woman with Drawers" by Salvador Dali, valued at 100,000 euros, was stolen from an exhibition hall in Bruges (NW Belgium), the Belgian press said today. A security camera filmed how the thieves hid the statue in a bag and left the show shortly after noon Wednesday. ArdailyOver the past few months, one of the nation’s leading art museums, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts (MIA), has acquired a seminal piece of 18th-century French silver, rare examples of 17th- and 18th-century Spanish religious iconography...
Stolen Greek Statue Confiscated in Canada to Return Home to Egypt. The Associated Press
Michener Art Museum Presents Tales from the FBI's Real Indiana Jones. in May, five paintings were stolen from the Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville in Paris . What were the thief, or thieves, thinking when they walked off with a Picasso, a Matisse, a Braque, a Modigliani and a Leger? Did they plan to sell these paintings, whose heist was widely reported, or did they hope to place them on the mantel and gaze lovingly? Ardaily
Love, Death, the Terrifying and Beautiful World of Otto Dix in Montreal. From September 24, 2010, to January 2, 2011, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts will be presenting ROUGE CABARET: The Terrifying and Beautiful World of Otto Dix, the first North American exhibition devoted to Otto Dix (1891-1969), one of the twentieth century’s most important German painters. Ardaily
Dallas Contemporary announces its new membership group called Y@161 with events and programming geared toward young professionals and art enthusiasts. Ardaily
Metropolitan Museum Announces Picasso Exhibition Drew 700,000 Visitors in 17 Weeks. Seventh Highest Exhibition Attendance on Record at the Met
A Shot in the Dark. Spanning more than 100 years of artistic production, from early 20th-century landscape painting and modernist abstraction to 1960s conceptualism and contemporary sculpture, this exhibition places a group of recent Walker acquisitions in the context of rarely seen works from the collection, including two films never before on view. Walker Art
FLORENCE, Italy – Center-right Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and center-left Florence Mayor Matteo Renzi are, perhaps unsurprisingly, not the closest of friends. What is surprising, however, is that the turf of their latest ideological battle is not politics but art history, with each man claiming that his government has control of Michelangelo's towering "David" sculpture, on view at the Accademia gallery in Florence. ARTINFO
Lelia Pissarro - mentioned in article titled Antiques Dealers Fair Limited to Launch New Boutique Fine Art and Antiques Fair in Leicestershire / ArtDaily
All Eyes on Kees van Dongen. Van Dongen shared a studio with Pablo Picasso in Paris and immortalized his mistress...
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